Welcome to TextRiders, your Ride Sharing company. we will save you money when you order directly through us. We are cheaper than Lyft,Uber, Grubhub, DoorDash but we have a munimum distance of fare of $12.65 for local riders in Spartanburg,SC. Check out our order forms to see your options.

If you wish to pay with credit card or debit:

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Local rides start at $12.65 plus processing fee ( no meter is required) 

Make sure before sending us your order, check our schedule, and check with us if we have a driver. And due to high volume of requests, we would like if you can make an appointment with us. Once your order has been confirmed, we will send you a driver to your pick up location. We will provide a  free 3-minute wait time, and after that $ 0.10 per minute for wait time. 

To receive a free ride, you must complete 4 rides and you will get the 5th one for free with a distance of 15 miles.

We don't charge extra, when the fuel gas goes up. We don't have an application yet, we working on it. We don't guarantee that our price will remain the same. But now, this is what it is. 

Reserve your seat today. And request a GPS sharing with the driver. 

If you wish to pay cash:

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Local rides start $12.65 ( no processing fee ) with no meter is required, but must pay before the ride starts or  If not you must provide a picture id to the driver upon completion, you must pay the exact amount of it  or if you wish to tip the driver, you are welcome to do so. We urge to all drivers to carry only $10 single for change, please make sure you have the exact change.  

Driver will have a digital meter that will measure your fare, If you paid in advance, the driver won't start the meter, but if you are just paying just the reservation fee, upon arrival of your pick up, the driver will ask your ID, if you don't have one. You must provide you cell phone or something to keep during your trip with us. 

What make us Cheaper than other company:

*Uber charges: $1.05 miles  and $0.16 mns wait time ( unstable) Base Fare varies depends the location and time of your request. We charge you $0.67/ miles  and $0.10 mns ( stable) and $3.00 Reservation fee ( Stable)  Check our schedule.    

*Lyft charges: $1.05 miles ( unstable), wait time is $ 0.16 mns, Base fee is varied depends on location. We still charge you : $0.67/miles ( stable), $0.10 mn for wait time ( stable) and  $3.00 for reservation, Check our schedule.

Our Reservation may change at anytime.

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Welcome to TextRiders Transport

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Uber, Lyft, Grabhub, DoorDash partners.

Call for information at 864-541-4515